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Cars And Roof Racks

Many car owners decide to install a roof rack to add storage space. Few cars come equipped directly from the manufacturer with a roof rack. First, determine whether your vehicle has rain gutters. Most new cars have internal gutters, while older vehicles tend to have external rain gutters. Once youíve made this determination, you can begin to research the different options available for your particular make and model.

Look for a roof rack system that can accommodate a carrier on top of the vehicle. Most cars have limited storage space, so this added room outside will go a long way towards packing for a family vacation.

Keep in mind that smaller cars arenít designed to handle heavy loads, as opposed to larger trucks and sport utility vehicles. Always consult with the user manual to make sure that your car can handle the weight.

If you need any assistance in working out which roof rack solution matches your model of car, remember we have fully trained professional technicians available to you, every day. You can reach them simply by calling 1300 133 353