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Rola - Roof Racks

Rola is an Australian roof rack system builder specialising in the construction of high-grade, aerodynamic designs. The company places special emphasis on the styling of their products, which are specifically molded to conform to a sleek form.

Accessories are available to accommodate most sports equipment, including snowboards, skis, surfboards, bikes, and windsurfing gear. Of course, separately purchased components also adapt to carry items such as luggage.

Unlike some other roof rack system builders, Rola designs each vehicle’s roof rack system independently, ensuring a perfect fit for every model and make in their lineup.

Benefits to this approach include greatly reduced wind noise and drag, as well as better fuel efficiency. These are factors of the highly engineered, aerodynamic shape of Rola’s roof racks. Another improvement comes with the use of aluminium, rather than steel. The result is significant weight savings, which further improves fuel efficiency.

All Rola roof racks also incorporate a rubber buffer strip, designed to protect the load on top of the car, while also maintaining the structural integrity of the crossbar. This integrated system ensures that Rola products will last for the long haul, and Rola stands behind their roof rack systems with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Rola Roof Racks