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Accessorising  - For Rooftop Storage

The purpose of roof racks are to give you a platform to place your luggage on. This is for situations where the cargo cannot fit in your vehicle or when it is more appropriate to store it outside your vehicle. The roof racks are just the platform though. You still need to give consideration to how you will secure your luggage to the roof racks. If your luggage is not secured safely, the chances are the goods you have put on your roof will fall off in transit. At the very least this means you will lose your cargo. This could also create a significant road hazard though for other drivers. Flying projectiles and traffic just do not mix.

There are many accessories you can choose from when deciding how to secure your rooftop luggage. Always give absolute consideration to your safety (which can be achieved through maintaining vehicle balance and handling) and to the safety of the other users of the road (which can be achieved by ensuring your cargo is properly secured). You also need to consider the size and shape of your vehicle and of course, the cargo you will be transporting.

Below are some of the accessories we stock which should help you. You are welcome to call us on 1300 133 353 to discuss your specific needs.

Roof Rack Accessories - Product Lines

Bike Racks Bike Racks - These are ideal if you are a cyclist and often travel with your bike. We all know how painful bikes are to put in a car, have a look at our different bike rack configurations which make rooftop bike storage much easier.

Ski Racks and Snowboard Racks Ski and Snowboard Racks - Skis and snowboards often are cumbersome to pack when traveling to the snow, given their long, thin designs . This makes them ideal for rooftop storage. Click through to see our accessories which take the hassle out of snow travel.
Water Craft Racks Water Craft Racks - Most water craft are impossible to carry in a vehicle and are very difficult to secure to a roof rack. There are great attachments made specifically to resolve these challenges.
Rooftop Luggage Capsules Roof Boxes and Rooftop Capsules - Putting a roof box on your roof racks is like adding an additional room to your vehicle. These are a great accessory simply for adding storage capacity. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit most vehicles.
Steel Mesh Roof Baskets Luggage Baskets and Trays - Steel mesh baskets and trays are great for heavy duty cargo storage. They are built tough for both commercial and domestic use and are ideal to use when you have plenty of cargo to store
Straps, Cable Locks, Tie Downs Straps and Tie Downs - These are a necessity for most roof rack installations. They are the most flexible accessory to use to secure your cargo to your roof. Coming in a range of sizes, we have the straps and tie downs to suit your purposes.