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Thule - Roof Racks

Thule, based in Sweden, manufactures a range of roof-rack products designed to carry a wide variety of gear. If whatever youíre trying to carry doesnít fit inside your vehicle, itís likely that Thule makes a carrier designed to transport it.

Thuleís main offering is its multi-purpose roof rack system. This system attaches to the factory roof rack (most SUVís and minivans are already equipped with a basic setup), and can then be configured to carry a wide array of gear, including skis, surfboards, kayaks, and all-purpose baskets and boxes designed to carry luggage and other essentials.

The company is well known for their adherence to quality control. As a result, Thule products last for a good deal longer than the industry average. Thule rigs are also generally easier to use than the competition, with simple clasping and locking mechanisms that require very little maintenance.

These racks are custom-designed to fit each vehicle, according to make and model. Installation is relatively simple, requiring only basic tools.

As the number one manufacturer of roof rack carrying systems in the world, Thule produces a line of products that can haul nearly anything. Keeping this versatility in mind, these systems are a great choice if you consistently transport many different kinds of sports equipment on top of your vehicle.

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