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Tradesman - Roof Racks

Tradesman Racks, based in Australia, manufactures an extremely durable product built for people who know they will be beating up on their roof rack system. These heavy-duty rigs are constructed to carry a load that is heavier than normally seen on competitorsí racks. While other systems are designed to carry skis, snowboards, and surfboards, Tradesman builds roof racks for backcountry expeditions that leave the road behind.

Tradesmanís roof racks are constructed out of lightweight metal alloys. The result is less weight, and thus a lower centre of gravity, which is a necessary feature for serious off-roading. At the same time, these metal composites are incredibly tough, standing up to virtually whatever you can throw at them. For transporting construction materials and other heavy loads, Tradesman is your premier carrying solution.

These systems are also perfect for outdoorsman heading into the bush. When youíre hundreds of miles from the nearest welding setup, you need to be sure that your roof rack wonít buckle under the pressure. The durable systems from Tradesman are perfect for keeping your gear secure up top, but keep in mind that youíll need to buy additional accessories from other companies if you want to safely store sports equipment.

Tradesman Commercial Roof Racks